I am a Chief Data Scientist at Omnicom Balfour Beatty. I am also a visiting researcher at Computer Vision Group at the University of York. I am working to revolutionize railway inspection and diagnosis using state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning techniques. 

Broadly speaking, my work deals with classification and recognition techniques, using machine learning and big data, applied to the railway infrastructure. Before my current job, I have worked in close collaboration with European railway industries such as French and Swiss national railways. University of Leeds and SNCF pathology detection system for railway tunnel diagnosis is actively used by the French national railways. 

Earlier, I was a PhD student at Ecole Centrale Lille; French grande école, and a renowned graduate engineering school; researching for the French Government's Transportation Department. My PhD is entitled: "People Detection Methods For Intelligent Multi-Camera Surveillance Systems".  Before that, I did my masters in the European program of Color in Informatics and Media Technology. As a part of my masters degree, I studied in 5 cities across 3 countries.  My master thesis was completed at the Computer Vision Group of Xerox Research Centre Europe.


Computer vision and machine learning, particularly:

- Object recognition (detection, classification)

- 3D vision

- Sensor fusion

- Multi-modal data visualization


Computer vision and machine learning applications for the railway and transportation industry. 


Please see latest updates on my LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/drowaismehmood  and on twitter: www.twitter.com/owaisvision



April - Moved to York, now a Computer Vision Scientist. 


October - Moved to University of Leeds as a Research Fellow.

September - I have successfully defended my PhD thesis.

June - My thesis is being reviewed by: Prof. Roland Chapuis and Dr. Francois Bremond. 

June - Our paper on people detection using multi-view geometric primitives has been accepted at AVSS 2015.

January - Accepted for a mobility grant to visit Visual Computing Lab at Ontario, Canada. 


December - We have a paper accepted at VISAPP 2015.

November - We have won the best runner up paper award at ICDSC 2014.

February - I have an internship opening with my supervisor at IFSTTAR, Lille. Details are here.


October - We have a paper accepted at VISAPP 2014.

October - Pierre Chainais from INRIA and LAGIS is directing my PhD thesis now, in addition to Catherine Achard at UPMC.

October - I have moved to Ecole Centrale Lille.


October - Joined IFSTTAR & UPMC as a researcher in Computer Vision.

September - Graduation of Master's Degree.

September - Master thesis uploaded. View by clicking here.

June - Defended Master thesis \0/

(Me in France, 2011)